Distribution Pole

A major axis of development for the UTIC Group for the coming years, the Distribution division is structured around the activities of Mass Distribution and Trading. The challenges to be met are manifold: at the national level, this involves the densification of the store network and, even more, by the establishment of a strong logistics activity, at the regional level, it is the rise of the development of Trading and Export.

UHD is one of the leaders of Large Distribution in Tunisia. It all started on April 16, 2001 when UHD opened the first Hypermarket in Tunisia, under the Carrefour brand. The innovative concept of “Everything under one roof”, due to its shopping-pleasure dimension, has enjoyed resounding success with customers. Building on this success, UHD has introduced supermarket and proximity formats which offer customers "The choice near them".
UTC & NADC are two Off-Shore companies, totally exporting, specialized in particular in the food industry. Their vocation is to be the vector for the export of Group products, but also, through partnership contracts, complementary products such as those of large industrial companies outside the Group.
ULYSSE TUNISIE was created in 2005, as part of the development strategy of the UTIC Group's Trading pole, with in particular the distribution of agrifood products in Tunisia. UT offers a wide range of products, such as confectionery, cookies, juices…
ULC, created in  2018, is a logistics provider whose mission is the physical management of the flow of goods on behalf of various customers. The ULC platform makes it possible to pool stocks and deliver a single point, from which stores will be supplied by complete trucks. Massifying flows by optimizing the filling of trucks
Founded in January 2000, SPC was able to create the event with the first alliance of its kind between a hypermarket and a shopping mall. With its 10,000 m2 air-conditioned, its 50 renowned brands, its specialized services and its 1,800-space car park, the shopping mall adjoining the Carrefour hypermarket has been the unmissable shopping and pleasure meeting since April 2001.
The arrival of this new format, Carrefour Cash & Carry, in Tunisia took place in April 2011, with the simultaneous opening of two stores, one in Tunis and the other in Sousse. Today, there are 3 Cash & Carry stores. The most recent opened in Bir El Kassaa in April 2019.
The Company Ulysse Property (UP), formerly SGC, a subsidiary of the UTIC group, was created on the basis of the following strategic vision To allow SPC to fully dedicate itself to its role as an investor by relieving it of the management of existing shopping malls...