UHD - Angle RN9 - RN10 ( Centre commercial Carrefour La Marsa )
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Ulysse Hyper Distribution

UHD is one of the leaders of Large Distribution in Tunisia. It all started on April 16, 2001 when UHD opened the first Hypermarket in Tunisia, under the Carrefour brand. The innovative concept of “Everything under one roof”, due to its shopping-pleasure dimension, has enjoyed resounding success with customers. Building on this success, UHD has introduced supermarket and proximity formats which offer customers “The choice near them”.

Thanks to a sustained pace of opening new stores, and the acquisition in 2006 of a local supermarket chain, UHD now has a dense capillary network of more than 94 stores spread throughout the territory of Tunisia.

Capitalizing on its alliance with the Carrefour Group, one of the world leaders in mass distribution, UHD puts all of its business know-how at the service of its customers and offers them choice, price and quality, requirements engraved in the fundamentals of society .