Société de Promotion Commerciale - Croisement RN9 - RN10 - 2046 Sidi Daoud
+216 71 778 081 / +216 71 778 063
Société de Promotion Commerciale

The purpose of the Société de Promotion Commerciale (SPC) is to design and build shopping centers and manage shopping malls in Tunisia.

Founded in January 2000, SPC was able to create the event with the first alliance of its kind between a hypermarket and a shopping mall. With its 10,000 m2 air-conditioned, its 50 renowned brands, its specialized services and its 1,800-space car park, the shopping mall adjoining the Carrefour hypermarket has been the unmissable shopping and pleasure meeting since April 2001.

Through its existing commercial gallery, as well as those under construction, the SPC aims to offer first-class establishment opportunities for national and international brands. The SPC operates a rigorous selection of banners in order to offer customers complementary products and services from large retailers, and which meet their expectations both in terms of quality and price.