CAR PRO , 9, rue Hamouda Pacha - 1001 Tunis
+216 70 603 501

CAR PRO importer and distributor of the SUZUKI brand, was created in 2009 and acquired by the UTIC Group in 2016.

The SUZUKI brand is distinguished by the excellence of its quality / price ratio and the originality of its offer ranging from the mini-city car to the all-terrain vehicle.

Of Japanese origin, known worldwide, the SUZUKI brand was founded in 1909 by Michio SUZUKI. SUZUKI Looms Work began by manufacturing sewing machines, but in 1936 Michio decided to design different prototype vehicles as well as engines for motorcycles.

The first vehicle, the Suzulight, was released in 1954, when the company became known as Suzuki Motors.

Globally, SUZUKI is in the Top 20 best-selling brands and its models are marketed in many countries.

CAR PRO as official importer and dealer of the SUZUKI brand in Tunisia, offers through its network of distributors under development:

  • Approved car models that meet the needs of its customers
  • Quality after-sales service
  • Spare parts certified original by the manufacturer