Point M, Résidence Sérim, Rue Lac Ghar Melh, Les Berges du Lac 1 - BP 27 - 1080 Tunis Cedex
+216 70 600 097

Point M is a selective perfume chain, founded in 2001, specializing in the sale of perfumes and cosmetics.

Since its creation, Point M has revolutionized the cosmetics sector by introducing new standards through an innovative concept and by placing its customers at the forefront of its concerns.

The chain quickly established itself as the luxury shopping destination in the sector.

The stores are distinguished by a very wide offer, of more than 100 selective and semi-selective international brands, carefully chosen.

The team of beauty consultants, regularly trained, has the credo of offering customers personalized advice and exceptional service for a unique customer experience.

Its network of perfumeries is in full development and includes, to date 12 ideally placed points of sale, in catchment areas, with areas ranging from 100 to 500 m²:

  • POINT M Carrefour La Soukra Shopping Mall – Tunis (500m²)
  • POINT M Galerie Commerciale Lafayette – Tunis (185m²)
  • POINT M El Menzah 9 – Tunis (155m²)
  • POINT M Avenue Habib Bourguiba – Tunis (150m²)
  • POINT M Sfax Al Jadida Shopping Center – Sfax (170m²)
  • POINT M Sousse Khezama (100m²)
  • POINT M Shopping mall at the Carrefour center in Gabès (100m²)
  • POINT M Tunisia Mall at Lac II – Tunis (213 m²)
  • POINT M Avenue Hedi Nouira Ennasr 2 – Tunis (256 m²)
  • POINT M Manar City Shopping Center – Tunis (230 m²)
  • POINT M Mall Of Sfax – Sfax (200m²)